About Us

Red Sky Marketing Group is a multi-generational family owned and operated small business. While the name and company is new, our family has been in the marketing and professional services field for over 25 years serving primarily other small businesses in our community. The launch of Red Sky Marketing in January of 2014 was spawned by the expansion of our business into digital marketing including (but not limited to) mobile optimized website development and the increased focus in graphic design. 

Our mission is to work closely with our customers to define a marketing strategy and implement cost effective marketing solutions. We achieve this using a combination of traditional "outbound" tactics such as direct mail and signage combined with a steady diet of "inbound", or content-focused, methods leveraging social media and customer testimonials. Our greatest skill is listening to customer needs. Our greatest asset is flexibility. So consider Red Sky Marketing a part of your team, and let us know how we can help achieve your business goals.

What do you think of when you hear "The Sky is Red"?

In our family, we immediately think of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Well technically, when we see the Philadelphia Museum of Art we always think "the sky is red". If you think the association is random, you would be correct. However what it demonstrates is the simple ability to create an association between object and feeling. For us this happened when driving into Philadelphia and arguing (as only families do) about whether or not it was possible to force a memory or whether it had to be created naturally. Clearly it was the former of the two.

The concept of "forcing a memory" is the backbone of marketing and branding. It's why Bud Light and Pepsi spend millions of dollars on commercials during the Super Bowl. The challenge is creating a memory that connects your brand to your customers, without spending millions of dollars. Enter Red Sky Marketing ...

Why Choose Us?

We get small business because we are small business. However, that doesn't mean you have to market like a small business. Red Sky Marketing will help:

  • Establish a web presence with social media.
  • Optimize your website for mobile access.
  • Modernize customer facing print collateral.
  • Reduce costs for print and mail.
Our Skills
Printing and Mailing Services
Graphic Design
Web Development
Photography (yep - we do that too!)

Let’s work together

Got an interesting project and would like to work on it with us?